Credit card donations

Protection4kids uses the "Stripe" system to manage payments by credit card: in particular, Stripe guarantees and provides a highly reliable infrastructure, allowing you to make donations with maximum reliability.

Stripe uses the most advanced security protocols and standards such as the encryption of credit card numbers on disk with the AES-256 encryption algorithm.

In addition, the description keys are stored on separate machines.

The Stripe infrastructure dedicated to the storage, decoding and transmission of card numbers is then performed on a separate hosting platform and does not share any credentials with the main Stripe services.

To find out more about the features and characteristics of the Stripe service, you can visit the website:

Protection4kids, therefore, will never have access to the data relating to the credit cards used for donations, but will only manage the personal data of the supporter and those relating to the donation made.

Donations through PayPal

PayPal is a secure online payment system that allows you to make payments easily, quickly and securely.

Further information relating to PayPal and its features can be found at the following link:

Donations via Direct Bank or Postal Debit (SDD-Sepa Direct Debit)

Since February 1, 2014, in compliance with the European regulation n.260 / 2012 and related application of the Bank of Italy on February 22, 2013, Protection4Kids has adopted the service based on the new European standards Sepa Direct Debit for direct debit (RID). (SDD CORE).

For more information on the SEPA - SDD service, you can consult the website.

Tax breaks for donors

All donations to Protection4Kids are tax deductible or deductible according to the limits indicated by law, provided that they are made through bank transfers or credit cards, also prepaid.

Protection4Kids is an NGO (non-governmental organization) under the law n. 49/87 and is an ONLUS (non-profit organization of social utility) pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 460/97.

Tax benefits for individuals

Ref .: art. 83 Legislative Decree 117/2017, second paragraph

The donations in cash or in kind provided by natural persons, entities and companies in favor of third sector entities of a non-commercial nature (Protection4Kids) are deductible up to 10% of the total net income declared by the donor.

The excess can be deducted in the following years not more than the fourth, up to the amount of its amount.

NB: the deductibility of donations made in the period between 3 August 2017, following the entry into force of the so-called "Third sector code", and on 31 December 2017 was confirmed by art. 5-sexies, D.L. 148/2017, which extended the effects of Law no. 80/2005 until 31 December 2017.


The donations in cash for an amount not exceeding € 30,000 in favor of third sector entities of a non-commercial nature (Protection4Kids) allow a deduction of the gross personal income tax equal to 30% of the donation made.

Ref .: art. 83 Legislative Decree 117/2017, first paragraph